OneDrive for Business keeps asking for credentials

Please note: This article is for the legacy OneDrive for Business tool included with Microsoft Office, not the current OneDrive tool included with Windows 10 and Windows 11, or available from


Whenever you start your computer, the OneDrive for Business tool always asks you to login with your Office 365 credentials.

Or, Whenever you save a file to your OneDrive or SharePoint, the OneDrive for Business tool always asks you to login with your Office 365 credentials.


This can be resolved by removing the stored credentials for OneDrive for Business stored in the Windows Credential Manager. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Control Panel
    • Windows 7 - Click Start, click Control Panel
    • Windows 8 - Click Start, type Control Panel and click the Control Panel search result
    • Windows 10 - Right click the Start button, click Control Panel
  2. Click User Accounts
  3. Click Manage Windows Credentials
  4. Under Generic Credentials, locate 'OneDrive Cached Credential'. You may have more than one.
  5. Click the small down arrow in a circle to the right of the stored credentials
  6. Click Remove
  7. Do this for each OneDrive Cached Credential entry
  8. Log out of Windows, or restart your computer
  9. When you log back in, OneDrive for Business will prompt you to sign back in. Sign back in with your Office 365 credentials.
  10. You should now find that you are not prompted again for your OneDrive for Business password.

If the problem occurs again, then:

  1. Follow the steps above again, but this time also remove any stored credentials under Generic Credentials that contain your Office 365 username. They may begin with:
    • MicrosoftOffice15
    • MicrosoftOffice16
    • Also remove the OneDrive Cached Credential again.
  2. Restart again
  3. When you sign back in, you will need to sign in any Office apps that you use that access Office 365, for instance:
    • Skype for Business
    • OneNote
    • OneDrive for Business
    • Outlook

This should resolve your issue.... for now!

Note: It is important to monitor the status of your OneDrive for Business sync tool. If it ever shows a warning triangle or red cross on the icon in the notification area, click the icon to investigate. Occasionally OneDrive for Business will prompt you to sign in, or to give permission to update it. Follow these instructions and do not ignore them. By ignoring the state of the OneDrive for Business sync tool, your data may not be synchronising correctly to your OneDrive for Business cloud storage space, and as such is at risk of loss.

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