Enabling OneDrive Backup on Windows 10
OneDrive is a useful backup tool to protect your Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders on your computer. It's of course only going to be of benefit if the backup function is switched on. These guide will show you how:
Sync Files with OneDrive on Mac OS X
Learn how to set up the OneDrive sync app for Mac OS X. This connects your OneDrive and SharePoint cloud storage with your Mac so that you can use Finder to work with these files.
OneDrive for Business keeps asking for credentials
If the OneDrive for Business tool always asks you to login with your Office 365 credentials when turning on the computer or when you save a file to your OneDrive or SharePoint, try this fix.
Turn off Office 2016 OneDrive 'immediate upload' to SharePoint
Learn how to turn off the OneDrive for Business sync tool so that you save to your local hard disk rather than direct into your SharePoint space. This benefits users on slower connections.