Adding a button to simplify attaching files in Outlook 2016

1. Right click the grey area of the ribbon toolbar and click ‘Customize the ribbon’

2. Under the right hand column, click the ‘New Group’ button

3. Click the ‘Rename’ button

4. Enter a name such as ‘Attach’ and click OK

5. Click on the new group to ensure it is selected and highlighted

6. On the left hand side, Under Choose commands from, drop down the list and select ‘All Commands’

7. Scroll down to ‘Attach File’ and click it once. Ensure you select the Attach file without the small arrow to the right.

8. Click the Add >> button in the middle

9. The Attach File option will now appear under your new group

10. Click OK

11. The new Attach File button will appear on you main toolbar on the right hand side when composing or replying/forwarding to an email.

12. When you click it, you can browse to a file on your computer to attach, rather than having to make several clicks attaching directly from OneDrive/SharePoint.

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